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Genelec unveils 8381A SAM

Genelec unveils 8381A SAM

Genelec unveils 8381A SAM

As part of its 45th anniversary year, Genelec has unveiled the 8381A Smart Active Monitoring system, a flagship, floor-standing Adaptive Point Source design that is said to bring together precision and envelopment with LF control, huge headroom and high-resolution imaging. Designed for high-end music recording, mastering and audiophile listening, the 8381A is a full-range monitoring solution that can reportedly adapt to any acoustic environment. For audio professionals, the 8381A produces accurate full-band mixes that translate consistently to other rooms and playback systems, while audiophiles will experience “every detail and nuance of a musical performance”.

As a member of The Main Ones range, the 8381A system is acoustically coaxial right down to bass frequencies, and draws on proven technology developed for Genelec’s The Ones family of point source monitors and the W371A Adaptive Woofer System, which can be combined to create a free-standing, full-range monitoring system. However, the 8381A also offers controlled directivity and uncoloured response both on- and off-axis, with an ultra-wide frequency response spanning from 20Hz–35kHz. It comes with almost 6kW of amplifier power and a maximum SPL of 126dB.

At the heart of the 8381A is a proprietary high SPL Minimum Diffraction Coaxial (MDCTM) midrange/tweeter driver. This MDC driver shares a common acoustical axis with the 8381A’s four complementary 5-inch dome drivers which are arranged as a midrange transduction system, while the forward-facing 15-inch woofer is said to provide stable directivity, control and coherence.

A pair of high-performance 15-inch woofers employ the LF adaptive technology originally developed in the W371A, which, according to the manufacturer, offer high resolution and supreme levels of low-frequency control – despite the effects of room acoustics. This technology allows the 8381A to tailor performance carefully to the room, offering flatter, smoother in-room response at the listening location, with LF imaging coherent with the full audio range. This flat and neutral LF response minimises acoustic notching, and reduces detrimental reflections and resonances by the walls, ceiling or floor of the room.

As part of Genelec’s Smart Active Monitoring family, the 8381A integrates with Genelec’s GLM software, which can configure, calibrate and control entire Genelec smart monitoring systems. GLM minimises the listening room’s influence on the sound, enabling the user to produce mixes that translate to other systems, whether the format is stereo, surround or high-channel count immersive. GLM also includes the GRADE room report feature, which gives the user a complete analysis of their room and monitoring system performance, providing specific observations and advice on any acoustical issues, helping users and studio designers alike to fine-tune the room’s acoustic treatment, adjust monitor and listener positions, and optimise bass management.

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