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ADJ Jolts forwards with lime LED technology

ADJ Jolts forwards with lime LED technology
Encore LP15IP

ADJ Jolts forwards with lime LED technology

With the release of the Encore LB15IP, ADJ Lighting has added a linear LED wash fixture to its growing range of IP65-rated wash fixtures featuring 20W RGBL colour-mixing LEDs with lime chips for boosting both CRI and perceived brightness. The Encore family currently includes the LP5IP, LP7IP, LP12IP and LP18IP static LEDs, the Z7LP zooming PAR and the LP32IP wash panel fixture. By utilising identical LEDs, two or more fixture types can be incorporated within a stage or event lighting design to deliver consistent colour mixing.

Fifteen 20W-rated LEDs each incorporating individually controllable red, green, blue and lime elements promote mixing at varying levels of intensity. These include white light with a variable colour temperature of 2,700–7,000K, which can be selected using either linear control or one of six preset macros. While 64 built-in macros provide further options, 16-bit fine control over the four primary LED elements creates a variety of colour possibilities.

Housed in an IP65-rated exterior making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, the fixture can be positioned directly on the floor, suspended from a truss or lighting rail using the included Omega brackets with degree markings. The unit has a native beam angle of 11°, which can be widened to 25° using the supplied frost filter. The fixture is also supplied with a detachable glare shield, which attaches to the unit using three thumb-tightening screws.

Ten different DMX modes are offered, using between four and 120 channels. Using the more expansive DMX modes, the RGBL colour mixing of each LED can be controlled independently to allow the creation of animated chase patterns across a single fixture, as well as pixel-mapped effects across a larger collection of units. For applications where available DMX channels are limited, the DMX modes requiring fewer channels group all the LEDs together for the purpose of colour mixing. The fixture is also pre-programmed with 13 internal chase patterns which can be triggered remotely via DMX.

In total, the fixture offers a choice of 10 different DMX modes. Mode selection, in addition to DMX addressing and configuration of other operating parameters, is managed from a 16-character OLED display with four corresponding push buttons located on the rear panel. Six selectable dimming modes, four selectable dimming curves and 14 LED refresh rate options ranging from 900Hz–25kHz can be configured either from the menu display or remotely via DMX. The Encore LB15IP is compatible with ADJ’s WiFLY EXR wireless DMX protocol, allowing it to receive a DMX signal wirelessly from a compatible WiFLY transmitter or another WiFLY-equipped fixture to distances of up to 700m.

Jolt Bar FX 1
Jolt Bar FX 1

Designed for concert productions, rental houses and permanent installations, the Jolt Panel FX and Jolt Bar FX fixtures combine bright strobe LEDs and zone-controlled, colour-mixing LEDs for generating a wide variety of effects. The Jolt Bar FX is a linear LED lighting fixture featuring a central strip of 112 5W cool white SMD LEDs, surrounded on both sides by a total of 672 0.3W RGB colour-mixing SMD LEDs. Both types of LED are grouped into independently controllable zones for generating strobe chases and coloured animated pattern effects. Weighing 4kg, the 1m-high fixture measures 104mm x 111mm and features two 180° variable angle brackets.

Measuring 159.5mm x 405mm x 250.5mm (LxWxH), the Jolt Panel FX is a complementary panel LED lighting fixture that incorporates 48 5W cool white SMD LEDs, surrounded on both sides by a total of 800 0.3W RGB SMD LEDs. Weighing 6kg, the fixture is equipped with a single variable angle yoke which locks into place securely using two plastic handles. Both units offer strobe speeds variable between 0.35Hz and 25Hz, as well as multiple effects options, including ramp up, ramp down, ramp up-down and random, in addition to regular constant strobing. A wide variety of vibrant colour options can be achieved using the RGB LEDs through individual dimming control of the independent red, green and blue elements.

Supporting eight and 11 options respectively, the Jolt Panel and Bar FX include multiple levels of zone control, ranging from the separation of white and RGB LEDs up to full independent colour mixing and dimming control for each zone. Nine white macro patterns and 25 colour macro patterns can be selected remotely via DMX and provide ease of programming. Located on either side of the back panel are the five-pin DMX input and output sockets plus a USB port. A backlit LCD display on the rear of the unit, with four touch buttons, promotes DMX addressing and mode selection through a menu interface.

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