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Genelec unveils new features and unrivalled user experience with GLM 4

Genelec unveils new features and unrivalled user experience with GLM 4

Genelec unveils new features and unrivalled user experience with GLM 4

Genelec has announced a major free upgrade to its GLM software for audio monitor system setup, calibration and control. GLM 4 now provides users of Genelec Smart Active Monitors with the added benefits of MacOS Catalina compatibility and a new user interface among other features. By minimising the room’s distractive acoustic influence on the sound quality, GLM 4 seeks to provide a more truthful sonic reference wherever the user chooses to work.

Integrating with the intelligent DSP hardware within each Smart Active Monitor, GLM 4 networks, configures and individually calibrates each monitor and subwoofer within a specific acoustic environment. GLM’s reference microphone kit allows the user’s room acoustics to be accurately analysed, after which GLM’s AutoCal feature automatically optimises each monitor and subwoofer for level, distance delay, subwoofer crossover phase and room response equalisation. At that point, a range of other options are available for further manual adjustment.

Compatible with Windows and MacOS, including 10.15 Catalina, GLM 4 comes with a new user interface that was designed for intuitive navigation. Created in conjunction with leading industrial designer Harri Koskinen, a hexagonal design also supports the idea of natural growth. This intends to create a sense of developing personal listening skills thereby allowing a monitoring system to easily expand from mono to complex immersive as needs evolve.

Other features include dedicated setup and control functions for immersive monitoring in addition to compatibility with an increasing number of audio monitoring standards in international mastering, broadcast, OTT and film. GLM 4 supports Cloud-based and local storage of settings for complete mobility. A Cloud helpdesk is permanently on hand to provide remote consultancy via a team of dedicated Genelec audio experts.

Regarded as the most advanced, flexible and cost-effective room calibration system on the market, GLM 4 supports fully scalable systems from mono and stereo to more than 80 channels of immersive reproduction. Users can switch between monitor setups without having to use added DAW outputs or further invest in external hardware.

Designed to avoid switching between “record” and “mix” modes, GLM 4 users can benefit from fixed and low latency performance without having to bypass any monitoring software sitting on the master audio buss. Once calibrated, GLM 4 settings can also be stored within the monitor or subwoofer itself, thus avoiding the possibility of accidental changes.

“GLM 4 is the distillation of many years of continuous research into the effects of room acoustics on monitoring system performance and will help to streamline the user’s workflow and elevate the quality of their mixes,” commented Genelec MD Siamäk Naghian. “In line with our design philosophy on sustainability, GLM 4 is also completely backwards-compatible with all generations of Smart Active Monitors. This means that professional users can not only be confident that GLM 4 is the most advanced, efficient and intuitive room calibration system on the market, but it also guarantees that Genelec Smart Active Monitors are an extremely secure, scalable and future-proof long-term investment.”

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