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GatesAir and StreamGuys automate cloud services with Intraplex

GatesAir and StreamGuys automate cloud services with Intraplex

GatesAir and StreamGuys automate cloud services with Intraplex

GatesAir and StreamGuys have partnered to automate server-side applications in the cloud for broadcasters moving live AM/FM audio-over-IP networks. The resulting technical innovation translates GPIO contact closures into in-stream metadata, enabling server-side ad breaks, programme recordings and other functionality without physical intervention.

StreamGuys will receive and interface server-side cloud services as programme streams move between send and receive sites, while GatesAir Intraplex IP Link codecs will provide the connectivity and audio transport between locations, with the added protection of stream redundancy and network resiliency from Intraplex Dynamic Stream Splicing software.

“We are not aware of other broadcast codecs that can translate physical GPIO triggers into streaming metadata,” commented Eduardo Martinez, director of technology, StreamGuys. “This opens a variety of new revenue models and production workflows, such as customers that want to support ad triggers or automate content publishing. It establishes a path to enhance traditional STL and satellite-based workflows in the digital domain. These solutions also provide a simpler yet secure architecture for broadcast networks receiving live feeds direct from a sports team, a remote content producer or an at-home broadcaster.”

Intraplex users can configure up to eight GPIOs for triggered events within the codec’s firmware at the send location. Each built-in contact closure can be mapped with a unique, customised metadata string and sent in-band with the encoded stream. The codec supports both Icecast and RTP (Real-Time Transport Protocol) streaming formats with Dynamic Stream Splicing and works in conjunction with GatesAir’s cloud-based Intraplex Ascent server for added reliability. At the server side, StreamGuys receives the audio and translated metadata flow that identifies an ad break within the live feed, triggering midrolls as part of a dynamic ad insertion strategy. As metadata is used for digital signalling and switching, users can also trigger server-side programme recordings and air checks. Furthermore, a delimiter function supports sending multiple contact closures to more receive locations, including streaming servers that replicate live AM/FM streams online.

According to Keyur Parikh, VP of engineering for GatesAir, this provides a foundation for terrestrial broadcasters to launch a new simulcast streaming service, podcast or side channel when using StreamGuys’ cloud-based SGrecast platform for advanced content repurposing. “Intraplex customers now have the unique ability to take advantage of cloud-based revenue-enhancing services,” he said. “Built-in transcoding and transmuxing capabilities will allow our customers to use the same encoding device to generate multiple streams of the same content with different encoding and stream formats.”

Following the announcement, GatesAir and StreamGuys will co-present Using Contact Closures to Improve Streaming Workflows, a special webinar exploring their joint solution and its benefits for broadcasters taking place on 11 June at 1pm ET.

Registration is available at

The webinar will also be available on-demand afterwards at

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