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Painting with Light relies on Robe for eSports WEGA Global Games

Painting with Light relies on Robe for eSports WEGA Global Games

Painting with Light relies on Robe for eSports WEGA Global Games


Tasked with providing an eye-catching lighting scheme for the opening ceremony of the first Qatar eSports WEGA Global Games, Painting With Light creative director Luc Puemans, delivered elaborate projections mapped onto the stage floor and holographic images beamed on to a specially created a large 30m-wide by 12m-high ‘scrim’.

Attended by 14,000 eSports fans, the event took place at the Khalifa Stadium in Doha. The show’s artistic director, Steven Martin from The Cintamani Stone: ArchitectofEMOTION (TCS-AOE), asked Puemans to pitch for the project, and Painting With Light was awarded the project by Doha-based event company The Planners LLC. A very quick turnaround was required to get from conception to delivery in just four weeks.

Challenges for Puemans’ lighting design included the positioning of the stage in one section down the long end of the stadium, which meant that the whole lighting rig – and all other technical elements – had to be ground supported. An already incredibly tight timescale for creating and producing a complex event was also shortened when the date was brought forward by one day.

Integral to the winning pitch were elaborate projections mapped onto the stage floor and holographic images beamed on to the large scrim – currently a trending aesthetic in the world of eSport tournament OCs. These had to be carefully lit around, combined with flying and ground-based cast members and performers. Large amounts of video and LED screens to generally contend with were additional challenges for lighting.

Puemans’ design was based around seven 16m-high towers, three upstage and four downstage to the sides to provide a sense of depth and a basic structural framework around the 80m-wide oval-shaped performance space. These towers also served as useful lighting positions. Upstage was an impressive 1000m2,12m-high back video wall. The stage surface was mapped for projections and the holographic images were beamed onto massive special holo-scrims. Puemans chose 100 Robe MegaPointes as his main effects lighting fixtures and created a series of special looks with them to compliment the holographic characters. ‘They are a great fixture for this, offering multiple options for wild, crazy and off-beat effects that were perfect for this show,’ Puemans commented.

Lighting was supplied – along with audio, LED screen, ground support trussing, vari-speed motors for performer flying, general rigging and trussing – by the Doha branch of MediaPro International. In addition to the MegaPointes, there were 60 Robe Spiider LED wash beams, 36 Cyclops LED washes, 50 Claypaky Mythos and 42 CP Scenius Unicos, which were used to highlight cast positions from the sides and for illuminating specific parts of the projection areas. Much of the general lighting came from the sides as front lighting was minimal – just four fixtures – so not to spill onto the ‘holo-scrims’. Claypaky Stormy LED strobes plus beam lights and a variety of other available fixtures all added up to over 500 light sources, a small rig to fill a stadium.

‘You need three things to achieve this with such a short notice: a good idea and vision to start with, but most importantly the right talented and skilled people around you - and they need to be ready to step on board immediately and take on this huge challenge just before the Christmas holiday period,’ Puemans concluded. 'I had those people to support me: the best of the best. The end clients’ reaction was amazement with how we pulled everything together with such detail in such a short period of time.’

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