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Economical power

Economical power

Economical power

The E series comprises six models, all with a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz

Described as the best choice for the economic application of sound reinforcement, SAE Audio has developed its E series. With a Class-D amplifier module and toroidal transformer power supply, the speakers can automatically identify and switch the voltage from 120V to 240V, making them suitable for use in multiple countries. Other features include XLR input and speakON NL4, routing mode selector and input sensitivity selector on the back panel, and channel independent protection/power and clip warning/signal presence indicators on the front panel. The series comprises six models (E200, E400, E600, E800, E1000 and E1500), all with a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz and has been designed for small- to mid-sized applications, such as bars, cafés or lounges.

Staying with power amplifiers, the manufacturer has also released its PQM series combining a regulated SMPS power supply for a stable output signal level and the company’s patented Class I power modules that accurately track the input signal waveform. Two models make up the series: the PQM8 delivers four channels of 1,600W per channel at 2Ω and the PQM13 provides four channels of 2,500W per channel at 2Ω. Designed for mid-sized or large touring applications or fixed installations such as nightclubs, the amplifiers provide a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz and a voltage gain of 40.3dB for the PQM8 and 42.3dB for the PQM13.

Three Suitcase models
Three Suitcase models

The Suitcase series, meanwhile, are lightweight, Class-D power amplifiers for portable applications. Two models, Suitcase4250S and Suitcase4250T, contain Power Factor Correction technology and universal mains R-SMPS. All four models include speakON NL4 and Phoenix Terminal output connectors for Suitcase4250T. There is a routing mode selector on the back panel and channel independent protection and clip warning indicators on the front panel. Suitcase600 incorporates two channels of 1,000W at 4Ω; Suitcase800 two channels of 1,400W at 4Ω; and Suitcase4250S and Suitcase4250T provide four channels of 440W at 4Ω.

Finally, the LP428 loudspeaker processor features a 96kHz sampling rate with 24-bit depth and 64-bit signal processing. It has a 110dB dynamic range on inputs and a 114dB dynamic range on outputs; a nominal input and output level of 0dBu; a maximum input level of 23dBu and a maximum output level of 12dBu; a frequency range from 10Hz to 40kHz; processing latency below 1ms; a 16-character LCD display; 100 presets; and a 220V/110V AC mains selector.

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